It ain’t all that long ago the skateboard got upgraded from a wooden plank strapped to rollerskate wheels to an artistically rendered board of layered fiber glass and wood, set atop the newly improved urethane wheel that was functionality at its street-thrashing finest. Things have changed. Now, your inner Z-boy can roll around with Black Card-carrying swag, because this skateboard is fully electro-plated in pure gold. Created by designer Matthew Willet, SHUT will consider letting their mirror polished gold skateboard hit the streets for about $15,000. Measures 31.5″ x 8″, weighs about 9 pounds, comes with cotton archival gloves, and is fully functional. Watching this gold gadget doing nosegrinds would be painful interesting to see, to say the least.

More looks at SHUT’s $15,000 Gold Skateboard after the Jump…

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