5 Jun
Collaboration grants blank canvas to shape future of Detroit

In the upholding and expansion of a tradition that has meant building automobiles for a good 110 years now, Buick has teamed up with BASF in applying the new ideas of young innovative minds at Detroit’s famed design school, the College of Creative Studies. After wrestling with concepts introduced by the competition such as population issues in urban areas and developing countries, nanotechnology and the application of new materials in vehicle technology, students competed for a total of $7,000 in awards. Judged by a jury of pro designers and car-tech experts, the students were recognized for the likes of most original concept, best interior/exterior, best integration of new materials, with best concept overall going to Namsuk Lee, a student from Seoul, Korea (who also took home best interior). Other mentionables in the competition include Justin Salmon from Florida who won a grand for his his innovative use of materials, which applied exposed algae in the vehicle structure to usable energy. Props also go to Sam Kenny from North Carolina, whose elegant design got him $1,500 for best exterior. The competition allowed these students access to the same data used by industry professionals, giving them a great opportunity and learning experience in a competitive field, plus, of course, cash money.

Video details about the Buick/BASF challenge below…

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