3 Nov
The classic vintage getaway car accessory


With winter on the way, what better way to stay warm than with tasteful, practical driver’s gloves from Tanners Goods — the guys out of Portland dedicated to utilitarian goods made by skilled laborers who pay respect to the crafts of the past. Wait, that’s actually most guys out of Portland, but you get the gist.

Crafted from pure deerskin leather, the Tanner Goods driver gloves are especially soft to the touch, and made to mold to the fingers with wear. What that means is a clean, snug fit and no fingerprints at the crime scene. Dress perfectly for your next December jewelry heist as a getaway driver, as you maniacally grip your steering wheel with class, all for about $100. Also available in black.

More looks at the Tanner Goods Deerskin Driver Gloves after the Jump…




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