12 Apr
Mermaids, polar bears and Chuck English in an 80's ski onesie

The Cool Kids team up with BBGun Films for a behind-the-scenes rap video mockumentary for their latest single “Bundle Up.” Directed by Maxim Bohichik and Alex Bergman, the video features mermaids, polar bears and Chuck English in his best 80’s Better Off Dead ski attire. Check it the behind-the-scenes video of the fake behind-the-scenes video […]

28 May
FALSE, Karl Lagerfeld and Better Off Dead

Singapore duo Le Messie and Amanda Scully, of FALSE fame, have released their more affordable Better Off Dead Spring/Summer 2010 line of shirts. We’ve been fans of Le Messie’s stuff for awhile (read our interview), and this season does nothing to disappoint. The Karl The Butcher line is a statement on the release of the […]

27 Jul
Building an independent art fashion brand from the ground up.

Each time I put a False tee on I feel like I sliding into something real. Almost like I can feel the blood, the sweat, the passion and the tears that went into making the garment. My chest puffs up a little, my shoulders go back and I’m filled with a sense of pride. I’ve […]

Valentine’s days sucks for guys. Shouldn’t we have like a guy’s day or something? Hell, we don’t even need to make it a separate day all together—I’d by happy if the gift thing coming up this month was a mutal exchange. No neckties, though—I’ll take this “My Double Valentine” tee by False. It’s part of […]

Here’s Le Messie’s (the creative mind and creator of False) new brand of tees for the holiday season. As with all Le Messie tees, each shirt is individually silk-screened (wearable art?) with high attention to detail. And you pay for it. Good news, though, his new line, “Better Off Dead” drops in street value… around […]