Ok now picture this: You’ve been flown to Hamburg, Germany to witness the reveal of Mercedes-Benz’s flagship vehicle, the hallowed S-Class. They shuttle you to a giant hangar at the Airbus factory, next to where the fuselage of the world’s biggest commuter plane, the A380, is built. Once there the fine craftsmen at Benz ply […]

An assembly of Tetris shapes as opposed to an assemblage, there is nothing sexually alluring about these photographs. Despite what Lana Del Rey may have you believe there is absolutely nothing reproductive about video games — although Pacman may be debatable. Hamburg-based Patrick Runte has created a new series of photographs called Jump N’ Run. They […]

15 Jan
Get your own miniature furry bunny suit for only $570

I love me some vinyl toys, but only when I stumble upon them at a small toy store and can swoop them up for something reasonable. I love figures like the False Friends above, but I just can’t see myself paying $500 – $1K for something that I can’t even drive or wear. Still, these […]

7 May
A Quarter Century of Conceptual Continuity

If you enjoy these words, follow this link to Markus von Pfeiffer’s home page. Hamburg. Germany. In the late 1970s my great uncle Otto “The Whip” von Pfeiffer was involved in what is to this day considered to be the worst motorcycle crash in history. It occurred during the final lap of the Isle of […]