20 Nov
Racing division unveils boxy concept at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan’s NISMO racing division has been busy of late, yesterday revealing their NISMO edition GT-R supercar and video showing it breaking the Nürburgring lap speed record along the way. Today they unveil another creation, this one much quirkier although in our eyes even more lustworthy. Taking inspiration from the Datsun B500 cars of late 60s, […]

19 Nov
The 600 horsepower/481 pound-feet of torque Godzilla

Nissan’s GT-R established its supercar pedigree on the famed (and deadly) corners of the Nürburgring, at one time holding the record for a lap time against cars four times its cost. Part of the reason the car earned its “Godzilla” namesake. It has since been eclipsed, but the folks at Nissan seem determined to reclaim […]

23 Feb
Japan's first sports car turns 40

Just over forty years ago on October 22, 1969, Nissan (then known in the US as Datsun) delivered its 240Z on North American shores. At the time sports cars were dominated in Europe by tiny German, British and Italian roadsters, and in America by hulking muscle cars. There was no room for the Japanese, whose […]