Swiss artist Fabian Oefner causes worldwide panic in the gearhead community by exploding a series of priceless vintage exotic cars in his Disintegrating series. Only there’s no need to panic — these are not real  Ferrari 250 GTOs, Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwings or Jaguar E-Types, but rather models of said cars. But it’s not a digital […]

14 Dec
Benz' iconic droptop gets leaked, so we show you the results

If you follow our Twitter feed, you might know that we were at a super secret unveiling of Mercedes Benz brand new 6th generation SL in November. Flown down via private plane to their design studios in Carlsbad, we were sworn to secrecy, our phones confiscated, thrown in a van and blindfolded. OK, we weren’t […]

Compared with the usual onslaught of stretched collaborations and overly bespoked limited edition shoes, I love the simplicity behind the Spring 2010 collection of Nike’s Sweet Classic SL — coming in both red/white/black and green/white/black colorways. Featuring perforated leather tongues, the limited edition sneakers are now available at Korean site Kasina for only $60.