9 Sep
Polaroid note cards. Why not.

It seems that ever since Polaroid announced they were shutting down manufacturing of their iconic film, suddenly everyone is dying to get their hands on some. Even if it’s a simulacrum. Like these Polaroid Note Cards, on which 16 photographers have printed their images for you to leave notes on for your special ones. Why? […]

The stationary Jacques Pense designed for Germany’s most famous crime and horror channel, 13th Street, is enough to send most conservative studio execs dry heaving into their coffee — which is precisely why it is so rad. Not only is it graphically raw and biologically accurate, which anyone with an illustrator’s pen, rabid imagination and […]

The Japanese design team Yuruliku, comprised of Bananao and Kinue Oneda, focuses its energy into stationary creations, and now they’ve developed what they call the Green Marker. They are Post-it notes shaped like blades of grass and meant to be used as bookmarks. The more you read, the more lush your lawn becomes…and your mind, […]