The David Crowder Band released a new stop motion music video for their single “SMS (shine)”, a technique which is clearly hard to pull off. The video illustrates the narrative utilizing the magic of the childhood classic Lite Brite, about the simple and universal story of a couple falling in love, and then, well… It’s […]

Culled from images cut out from numerous skateboard magazines such as Monster Skateboard, Limited Skateboarding and Place, Cologne Germany’s Tilles Singer put together this short stop motion animation titled Skateboardanimation.”A ton of digital photos, a ton of real life magazines, an hour of recording music,” went into it, says Singer. Not only is the idea […]

29 Jan
What would toy ninjas do with modern technology?

Every once in awhile a video pops up that just does everything right in my world, and such is the Ninjas Unboxing a Nexus One video by Patrick Boivin. Using ninjas, stop-action animation, miniature figures and some nice graphic design elements, this is pretty much all you need to make your day brighter. I love […]

8 Dec
440 hours of playing with Legos, and they still avoid getting yelled at by mom

It apparently took 440 hours to film this stop-motion animation Lego interpretation of the infamous “Bullet” scene from the Matrix. The Lego Matrix crew is made up of Trevor Boyd and Steve Ilett — peep their site for a detailed behind-the-scenes look at the production process…nice work…

Hine [hee-neh] is a Japanese illustrator/puppet stop-motion video artist/crafter living in Vancouver, Canada. I just came across her Etsy page and I’m digging her hand-stitched work on these DIY looking felt cases. She uses high quality Japanese black 2mm thick felt to make the goods along with new and vintage buttons. Also discovered this video […]

13 Oct
Like selling cookies, but with less calories

What a cool way to promote Girl Scouts…Ok, Girls Guides of Canada but really what’s the difference. These stop-motion animations are really imaginative — the first is called Different, and was created by Nathan Jurevicius and Andrea Kang. The second is called Explore by Hayley Morris, and you can find that one after the Jump […]