17 Aug
Fighter By Day, Lover By Night, Drunkard By Choice, Marine By Mistake...

It is without question that the classic metal flip-top Zippo lighter, first manufactured in 1933 by the Zippo Manufacturing Company of Bradford, Pennsylvania, is completely and utterly clutch within the military ranks. Its ability to stay lit in tempestuous weather and its ‘windproof’ reputation ceded it immediate success and popularity with the rank and file. What […]

16 Aug
Made from authentic Vietnam War fatigue jackets

CLSTR introduces us to a highly exclusive jacket produced by respected luggage brand Porter in conjunction with Tokyo label LABRAT. The collaboration has taken fatigue jackets actually worn during the Vietnam War and given them a modern twist with some minor amendments. The Riders Jacket includes a nylon Porter breast pocket and vertically placed white stripes […]

The thing that most bugs me about this whole BLU mural getting whitewashed is not really the beauty or fantastic nature of the mural itself. To be honest, the mural was so straightforward that it almost bordered on obvious. But that’s not the point. When you ask an artist to paint you a mural — […]