Honda’s new CZ-i 110 boasts a 110cc, fuel-injected four-stroke engine capable of hitting 100mph while still promising 134mpg. That’s pretty impressive. As Hell for Leather reports:

The CZ-i 110 shows what Honda’s PGM-FI (programmed fuel injection) technology is capable of when applied to small, four-stroke engines. Namely: improved fuel economy, lower emissions and high performance than its carbureted counterparts. Compared to the 100cc model it replaces, the new CZ-i returns 18 percent better fuel economy while achieving 25 percent higher torque, all while ensuring cleaner combustion, capable of fully halving the incredibly harsh upcoming Euro 6 emissions standards.”

As great as that sounds, the bike will only be available in Thailand — Honda’s largest motorcycle market (1.65 million bikes sold there a year). Hey Honda, Americans deserve to die on the world’s most efficient scooters too! Why so stingy?

4 Responses to “Honda CZ-i 110 Offers Thailanders a Way More Efficient Scooter to Die On”

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  3. jimrey says:

    hows the performance of this new bike compared to its other 110cc counter parts?

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