18 May
World's first Swiss Army-knife trailer


In celebration of their 125th Anniversary, Victorinox Swiss Army announced its new 19′ trailer made in collaboration with Airstream — makers of the legendary aluminum silver-backed trailers. Only 125 will be made, and they go on sale June 15, 2009 starting at $59,000. From the list of accouterments, however, I’m not entirely sure what Victorinox has to do with this:

“Solid surface countertops, cutting-edge cabinets and hardware, luxurious custom bedding ensemble with embroidered wool blanket, and a collection of Victorinox Swiss Army timepieces, kitchen cutlery, Swiss Army Knives and accessories.”

I don’t know, tossing in a bunch of knives doesn’t seem very clever at all. Considering its Swiss Army, wouldn’t you expect a bunch of hidden tools to come out the back? Maybe a giant plastic toothpick to shank obnoxious camping neighbors? Or perhaps a huge magnifying glass to cook up some tasty BBQ ribs with? Even better, why not make it transform into something particularly more sassy — like, I dunno, maybe a robot with laser blasters for eyes. They’ve got that kind of technology, don’t they? Instead it sounds like just a basic trailer with some cool knives thrown in. Kinda weak.

UPDATE: A couple new images of the interior added below…




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  1. rob says:

    We have 1 of 125 on our lot ready to go to the Outdoors show here in Utah right now. Its hot!!! I have tons of pictures..

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