10 May
Be Prepared To Leave Any Anxieties About Pretentious Cycling Culture Behind.


I get all these ideas in my head when I see something that looks easy to make. Take this bamboo bike for instance. No problemo, right. And tell me THIS doesn’t look like something even your stoned buddy can rock out with a few hours to kill. If life has taught me anything, though, that’s usually not the case—ultimate set of tools or not. Yet Bamboo Bike Studio totally has me convinced that I can build my own bamboo bike “masterpiece.” With the aid of experienced bike builders, all I’ve gotta do on my end is take their weekend class, bring my iPod, my dreams of a sublime ride, and the assumption (they use the word “expectation”) of tackling new skills. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they have high expectations of my skills and all, but the idea of walking in Saturday and riding out Sunday doesn’t sound too safe.

I do love the idea of building a bamboo bike from scratch—selecting the bamboo, cutting it down, shaping it into something usable, binding the frame together—and riding off into the sunset.

And I really like the fact that the Brooklyn-based company doesn’t just build bikes; they get down with a bunch of great causes in developing countries worldwide. They do a great job of breaking it all down on their website. Gotta give it up to these guys for their sustainable entrepreneurship.

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