2 Oct
The light on the wall responds to the candle flame's flickering


I think this might be the first time I’ve looked at a candle and wanted it. I’m not sure if that says something about me, or if it’s coming from Tom Gerhardt’s candle making skills. Plus, I’m not even sure this could really be classified as a candle. The only thing a candle is used for is to control the lighting system. When the FireLight candle module is lit (uses typical tea-light), the FireLight lamp immediately turns on and responds to the candle flame’s flickering with the same organic qualities of a candle flame. And when the candle is blown out the light turns off. He has a video on his site showing how it works. If you go, definitely check out The Mud Tub, this experimental organic interface that allows people to control a computer by sloshing, squishing, pulling, punching, etc, in a tub of mud. Yes, the wet dirt variety. Think human-computer interfaces, like, multi-touch surfaces, body controllers, augmented reality systems, etc. I have no idea why something like that would even be considered, but I do like the fact that someone is thinking about it.

For reals. he has a video of that too.

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