1 Oct
Where did that phrase come from anyway? Etymologists, get on that...


It’s Oct. 1 and why not ring in the new month with a shit load of monkey business. Ok, how about a book load from Monkey Business, the manufacturer behind the Super F@cking Amazing Magnetic Motherf@cking Arrow Bookends. That’s a literal translation from German. Granted, I don’t speak the language, but you can trust me. This is a pretty simply designed bookend that that gives a great floating effect to your bookshelf.

2 Responses to “It’s all a bunch of monkey business…”

  1. Shannon Morgan says:

    MONKEYSHINES; MONKEY BUSINESS – “Foolish or mischievous activity. One assumes the sly, alert, advantage-taking behavior of the monkey gave rise to this notion.” This source cites a use of the phrase “monkey business” in a 1904 Brooklyn Standard Union newspaper article. From “The Dictionary of Cliches” by James Rogers (Ballantine Books, New York, 1985). A second reference has earlier dates for the phrases. ” ‘You may have barefooted boys cutting up ‘monkeyshines’ on trees with entire safety to themselves,’ observes one of the earliest writers to use ‘monkeyshines,’ monkey-like antics, which is first recorded in 1828. ‘Monkey business’ was recorded a little earlier, at the beginning of the century, both words suggested by the increasing number of monkeys imported by America’s growing circuses and zoos.”

  2. I appreciate info on that. I wrote it off as just another expense, but I am going to have a look at it yet again.

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