21 Jan
When a Gulfstream V just isn't enough anymore

Ever since the demise of the elegant Concorde, the extremely rich have had to fly at the same speeds as all of us mouth-breathing unwashed masses. But for how long they can they be forced to suffer such ignominy? Sure there is no supersonic commercial plane anywhere near production, but that doesn’t mean the private jet industry can’t take off where the Concorde landed. The Fly, shown above, is the work of a group of Russian graduate students who think the age of supersonic private jets is around the corner. Based on the aircraft KB Tupolev jet, the concept accommodates 9 people (6 passengers, 2 pilots and a flight attendant) with a maximum flight time of 4 hours — which at supersonic speeds is enough to get you from London to NYC. But will it get you from Tokyo to LA…?

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