25 Feb
Another day, another high-end designer slumming with his sneaker line

Another day, another high end designer slumming with his sneaker line (not really, we love this stuff). This time it’s John Varvatos streetwalking with Converse for their CT All Star Specialty OX Woven. Did you see Varvatos on the last episode of HBO’s How To Make It In America? So far I’m not too sure about that show — seems like a fairly transparent (and pale) imitation of early Entourage, substituting LA Cool Guy tropes with NYC Cool Guy tropes, and substituting non sequitur Hollywood cameos with non sequitur Fashion cameos. So you make an obsequious cheer at a dinner party and next thing you know you’re invited to a 1-on-1 meeting with one of the top names in fashion? Makes about as much sense as getting offered the lead role in a Scorcese film as a failing actor without even auditioning. Ok then. Back to these Converse OX: “Woven and burnished leathers and suede, and stained and burnished metallic finishes combine with one of the world’s most iconic silhouettes to create all-new hand crafted masterpieces. Signature Converse by John Varvatos detailing such as ultra-comfortable pigskin foot beds and haberdashery linings give these shoes a premium punk and broken in feel.” Available at Major for $175.

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