3 Feb
Customize your pockets with little colored bricks

Love these LEGO wallet/card holders designed by ColorByNumbers. Each one is hand made from a specially cut official LEGO base plate, so it therefore can be customized however you like (I’m thinking maybe stick a couple astronauts on there), or left completely blank — up to you. Wallet dimensions are 7.2cm x 10.2cm for the Big Brick designs (top), available for £20 (about $32 US) or 6.6cm x 9.5cm for the Grey Blank (below) — available for £15 (about $24 US). As they’re all handmade and unique, expect up to 10 days delivery outside Europe.

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  1. Mens Wallet says:

    How fantastic do they look? Brings me back to my childhood

  2. Nichola says:

    Would you need to have a good B in the social sciences to run a weblog such as this?

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