It’s obvious from Dominic Jones’ work that he is unafraid of being a bit risqué. He embraces hardware, and all the usual tough stuff, by adorning his jewelry with fangs, thorns, spikes, etc. But he manages to maintain a sense of class by sticking with top quality craftsmanship and keeps things sleek with gold or silver materials. The Dominic Jones ‘Metal Manicure’ gloves skate that fine line of tacky or bad ass with ease. If it was any other designer in any other time, it probably wouldn’t work, but for some reason these “catwomanesque” gloves just do. Well, honestly, would I laugh if I saw someone gripping their cocktail at a bar, fully equipped in these bad boys? Yes, yes I would…BUT, I can see the appeal and appreciate the idea behind Dominic Jones’ work and his metal manicured gloves. Don’t get me wrong, they are slightly disturbing, but I’m pretty sure it’s in a good way. If the picture sells you on these over $1,000 ultra-hip gloves, go here. But if you aren’t fully convinced about the British jewelry designers work, check out a bit more below.

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