5 May
The Berlin-via-Brooklyn-via-Barcelona emcee returns with more missives from outer space

Last time we talked to RQM was last August when he dropped his Barely Legal EP, and now he’s returned with his latest missives from the edge of the galaxy. Few mc’s take their craft as seriously as Berlin-via-Brooklyn-via-Barcelona rapper RQM, and his latest EP, Colors Fade, is testament to that lyrical commitment. Featuring productions by Eurocrunk heavyweights Siriusmo and Chris De Luca, expect many futuristic liquid rhymes, ketamine references, and tangled wordplay. Enough talk — let’s see what Lukasz Polowczyk, aka RQM, has been up to…

So what have you been up to since the last time we spoke — which was around the release of your Barely Legal EP?
I took some time off from the creative process and launched my record label Baby Sumo. I knew that it would be a lot of work, but I didn’t expect to become an office rat, which is essentially what happened.

What’s up with Baby Sumo — you got any records coming out, or artists we should look out for?
I started Baby Sumo to release my own tracks – so at this point I can’t see myself dropping other people’s records. It’s a lot of work and I think if I would take that turn and push other cat’s music there would be no time left for venting creatively. Over the years I figured out how I want my music to be presented so I figured I’ll take a jab at doing it for self and it worked. The next EP will either drop this summer or this coming fall. The track was produced by Son Of Kick and I’m waiting for remixes from TRG, Mr Madjestic and maybe Modeselektor — they said they’ll take jab at it — I’m not counting on it, but it would be dope if it happens! And I’m still undecided about a few other versions.

Damn — Modeselektor? That would be huge. So did you move back to Berlin last October to work on new tracks as planned? And are those the tracks on the new EP?
Yesssir! We soaked up the last of the summer rays, packed our shit and flew back to Berlin to enjoy one of the thickest winters ever! And I started recording again, but the tracks on the Colors Fade EP are not from these sessions. I recorded Atomic Fusion before moving to Barcelona and “Colors Fade” was recorded right before we moved back to Berlin. I didn’t think of it this way before, but this release is like a bridge between the two chapters in my career: before and after Barcelona.

Hit the Jump to continue reading RQM’s interview about the source of “Colors Fade”, Berlin Vs. Barcelona, and why he’ll always prefer it crusty and bombed out, plus an exclusive Lazer Sword remix of CLP’s “Designer” featuring RQM…


“Colors Fade” is a mixture of a few stories, a few ladies and some snapshots of a particular time in my life. I think this song is a closure — an exorcism of a special kind of madness that drove me for a while…”

Is the Color’s Fade EP the project your pushing now? It had only new 2 tracks on it, so I’m thinking you’ve got a lot more in the vault, no? When are they seeing daylight?
I’m definitely trying to let the world know about Colors Fade — it’s a very personal piece and it’s quite intricate both from the production side and conceptually, so it requires that extra attention from people. And it ain’t easy to get cats to take the time to listen to shit these days, but we’re getting there.

In what ways is “Colors Fade” personal? Can you elaborate on that at all?
All my tunes are personal on some level. Some of them are more visceral in describing a moment in my life, others only carry an emotional imprint of something that touched me. “Colors Fade” is a mixture of a few stories, a few ladies and some snapshots of a particular time in my life. I think this song is a closure — an exorcism of a special kind of madness that drove me for a while. I’m just not sure what’s up next.

Do you have any magical power?
I don’t know if it’s a magical power or just the way that life works, but on the strength of my faith even some of my wildest dreams came true. Some of them were decades removed from when the seeds were planted, but still — give thanks!

What were you doing at midnight last night?
I was watching a documentary about the Crips and the Bloods. It’s crazy! Fifteen thousand people died as a result of this on-going gang war! It’s almost inconceivable to me cause that’s basically the population of a small town.

The last time we spoke you were bemoaning the fact that, “The crusty DIY Berlin that I loved started to turn into a hipster Mecca and by default it became too flashy and too self-conscious…creativity itself started suffering.” Did you find that Barcelona retained some of that raw, commercially untainted artistry?
Quite the opposite actually — Barcelona is a really expensive city. Tourism drives the local economy because the location is prime and it’s also a spot where real estate speculation went out of control. People told me that before the Olympics it was just as crusty and bombed out as Berlin. These days you really need decent weight check to stay afloat there.

How is Berlin now – even further down the hipster well, or has it recovered?
There’s never been so much tourism here and the hipper-than-though attitude still prevails, but Berlin is a huge city so if you want you can carve out a place for yourself outside of the glitz and bustle. We basically live on the wrong side of the tracks — so the hipsters stay on the other side of the bridge.

So what side of the river Spree are you on — the ex-Communist side?
I’m East Block material, so of course I’m on the ex-Communist  side. The Western part, with the exception of X-Berg and New Cologne is not really popping culturally — or at least I’m not registering it. The thing about the East is that it’s still growing according to a freestyle blueprint.

What is your most treasured material possession?
I have some amazing art pieces that I got from my friends. I have a small painting from 44 Flavours and a screen print from one of the brothers from the CBS — priceless!

CLP – Designer feat. RQM (Lazer Sword Remix) by rqmpropaganda

Tell us about that Blatta & Inesha track “Bite Your Lip” you’re featured on. Will it be on one of your EPs?
That was just something we did on the fly when I was visiting Blatta and Inesha in Sicily. It’s more of a joke than anything, but the tune can definitely peel the paint off the walls if the sound system is right. This might be the last one of these type of club joints that I’ll do. I’m a bit tired of all these preset song structures and I’m itching for more of that experimental songwriting right now.

What’s been on your constant iPod rotation as of late?
I’m really loving the new Gil Scott Heron, the Electric Wire Hustle LP, the new Robot Koch and Mount Kimbie Eps — all heavy rotation material.

So last time you told us if you got lost in a supermarket we’d find you in the magazine rack — what’s the next best place to find you?
I’m on a mission to upgrade my diet, so you’ll probably find me in fruits and veggies part of the supermarket — maybe because it’s spring. And if I’m not there then check the wine section.

The limited edition deluxe package of the Colors Fade EP — only 84 pressed, each record coming with a hand-painted cardboard cover and a Colors Fade Carhartt tshirt both designed by REMED. Pick it up HERE for about $30…

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  1. inesha says:

    glad rqm thinks so highly about our experience together!

  2. rqm says:

    family..first of all the experience was boom! i ve said it before and i stand by it..and to clarify the production on bite your lip is crunk – it “can definitely peel the paint off the walls if the sound system is right.” up to par with anything ya ll did before and after..solid dj material hands down..but from a lyrical standpoint… well i ve been cut down to a single sound bite which happens to be funny..no gripes there – it works, but i just wouldn t brag about it like i wrote the sickest verse ever..and that s on me! and i m def. on a mission to do more on-your-headphones type material right now just because i need that space to vent out and i don t need to have long intros and outros and build ups – that s for the clubs…so to wind this down..i ll always big ya up for the hospitality the love ya ll showed me and of course the skills! check what we re talking about: http://soundcloud.com/blatta-inesha/blatta-inesha-ft-rqm-bite-your-lip

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