Beyond being a beautifully crafted piece of brass metalwork, this Japanese Artistry bicycle bell also creates a melodious ring tone every time you need to let someone know you’re coming. As they describe, “It doesn’t say ‘Get out of my way’ but ‘Here I am’ with such charm that even the most hard-bitten pedestrian has no option but to dance gracefully to one side.” But I don’t know about that — when I ring my bike bell I want people to know I’m coming and get the hell outta the way, not do a little jig and shimmy first. Still for around $15, it’s a beautiful addition to your vintage bike.

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  1. Muriel Flowers says:

    Can I purchase 1 Musical Bell in Canada

  2. […] yet to get a bell for my bike and have already learned the importance of having one, so far I’ve just been […]

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