Props to N.A.S.A. who continue their Boing Boing-sponsored run of excellent animated videos (e.g. that Syd Garon directed “People Tree” video featuring David Byrne, Chali 2Na, Z-Trip and Gift of Gab, “Whachadoin?” with M.I.A., Santogold and Spank Rock, “Spacious Thoughts” with Tom Waits & Kool Keith, etc). This time it’s a vid for “Strange Enough”, which features the vocal talents of Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Fatlip (The Pharycyde), and what are among the last recorded sessions of Big Baby Jesus (aka Ol Dirty Bastard of Wu Tang). The animation’s original artwork comes courtesy of Stephan Doitschinoff, and it’s directed by Lorna T and Studio Giblets.

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