12 Jul
The filmmaker gets his drink on...and makes a crappy ad

UPDATE: We posted this a couple weeks back but are putting it back on top due to the just released Spike Jones-directed video below. I gotta say I’m not at all impressed with the video —neither lyrically nor visually. It looks like something Spike spit out between stabbing sessions of his Lebron James voodoo doll. You think the Knicks feel bad, Spike? I don’t even think they’ll ever allow his private plane to land in the state of Ohio again…

Following the three previous installments of Absolut‘s City Series — which included Boston (black tea), New Orleans (black pepper) and Los Angeles (acerola) — this fourth edition for New York gets the Brooklyn treatment. Absolut collaborated with everyone’s favorite hit-or-miss director, Spike Lee, to not only come up with the flavors to infuse (red apple and ginger), but also the very design of the bottle, which features a very classic Brooklyn brownstone stoop. At only about $25 a bottle, the only hard part is finding it.

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