2 Aug
Dalton Ghetti's Pencil Sculptures

Pencils have been associated with art for hundreds of years as a tool for drawing and crafting, but artist Dalton Ghetti has literally shaped our views of how we view a pencil. Instead of using a pencil to draw, Dalton uses the pencil as a canvas to sculpt. As a child in Brazil, Dalton used to sharpen his pencils using a razor blade and eventually began to experiment by carving the wood on the pencil. Perhaps the most surprising thing about Dalton’s work is that he does not use a magnifying glass. Instead, Dalton arms himself with a razor blade, a sharp needle, and a bright light. In order to protect and prevent his eyes from getting tired, Dalton only works on his sculptures for about an hour a day. It took him about two and a half years to complete Alphabet, a set of 26 letters with each letter carved on top of the delicate graphite. Dalton’s work is a strong testimony to the saying that “patience is a virtue.”

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