6 Aug
Quite likely the most gruesome claymation video you'll ever see

God this Chainsaw Maid video must’ve been fun to make. Sure clay animation is a laborious, time-consuming, meticulous venture, but when you’re molding a chainsaw-wielding Japanese maid, whose sole raison d’etre is the bloody dismemberment of virus-infected zombies, I think that must make the slow hours creep by a lot quicker. Beheadings, gauged eyes, gory disembowelings, a frisky maid, amazing sound effects and score (courtesy of the brilliant Angelo Badalamenti) — what’s there not to like? I don’t know why we’ve been so obsessed with zombie stuff this week, but I can’t really blame us — I blame the media. Stupid media — have you learned nothing with Twilight? You want us to hate zombies now, too? Or perhaps it’s Japan’s fault. Stop making such twisted clay animations, Japan, and we’ll stop conversing about all things zombie!

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