21 Sep
Philips and O'Neill launch new range of durable headphones

The electronic giant Philips has teamed up with surf brand O’Neill to launch a line of headphones designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle. And to make sure they were tough, the line of headphones were tested by O’Neill’s team riders (including 9-time Big Mountain Rider of the Year Jeremy Jones, big wave surfer Mark Mathews and two-time Freeride World Tour Champion Ane Enderud) who needless to say live the epitome of the active lifestyle — hence their tagline, Tested On Animals. The Philips | O’Neill Headphone collection features four different styles, each simple in design yet built with strength and durability at a premium. Inspired by the heavy-duty materials and styling of wetsuit materials, The Stretch headphones are impact and high stress-crack resistant, while the Snug model are flat-folding. The in-ear selection includes The Covert, a discreet bud with iPhone control, and the brightly colored Specked which feature tangle-free cords. Prices range from $25-$100.

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    iwant to purchase some of your products like the headphones how can i buy them…

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