Taking time off from basically ruling the indie rock universe, Animal Collective are now designing to help the Earth, and their fellow animals. Teaming up with the Keep shoe company, they have designed a line of sneakers to benefit the Socorro Island Conservation fund. The line started with the concept that each band member would design a shoe to benefit the cause, which is to help preserve the marine life off the Socorro Island. Located 250 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, the money will fund flights to the archipelago for research. The collection started with two shoes, the first of which was a  black high top sneaker, designed by Deakin, with unique embroidery resembling a shark in bright purple and blue stitching (see gallery below). The second sneaker was designed by Avey Tare, a white slip-on shoe with an original drawing on the top using a similar color scheme as the high top. It is unsure what the drawing may be, but it resembles a marine like ghostly figure. The third and most recent shoe added to the collection was designed by Geologist (above). The grey lace-up sneaker with shark print was originally released as a kids shoe, but was so popular that they just had to recreate it for adults. Man, how rad are these guys? Besides writing one of the best songs of 2009 (“My Girls”), they live up to its theme of selflessness in spades. The sneakers are now available for pre-order through Keep for $75 — or $35 if you wish to buy a pair for the kiddies. But be patient — the shoes won’t arrive at your doorstep until spring of 2011. Don’t let the anticipation get to you!

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