The time we’ve been talking about is almost here, the Los Angeles stop of the Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Tour is coming 2 Tuesdays from now, November 16th. We’ve previewed several of the previous events (check out San Francisco, Austin and Miami), but the one we’re most excited about is at hand. Lost In a Supermarket will be co-sponsoring the party, and there’s plenty of hijinx to be had — including open bar, Chiddy Bang performing, 2 rows of headturning exotic supercars, and some special guests that are truly special — not the kind special they have Olympics for. Trust us, this is EA money and we’re doing it right.  Of course there will be plenty of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit video game consoles up and playing so you can preview the game all night while taking ample advantage of the open bar. Experience the only time in your life where it’s actually encouraged to drink and drive…virtually, of course. We’re not Vince Neil here, people. Once again the event is invite-only, but this time Lost In a Supermarket will have a special list for all our Angeleno readers. Go now and RSVP HERE before the list fills up — the LIAS list will have special entrance priority, but it’s limited in number. Do it now, who are you to resist?

18+ W ID

The first in a series of shorts (Need for Speed: Episode 1 Officer Douche) featuring Drama and Turtle from Entourage (ok, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara) playing hapless valet drivers who’re only allowed to drive the world’s fastest cars at 5 mph. What a painful, horrible curse…

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