17 Dec
Helping inspire creativity and violence in a child's life

Is there a little guy in your life — son, nephew, cousin, godson, etc — whose life you’d like to fill with creativity and violence? Then you might want to look into lifelong LEGO gunsmith Martin Hüdepohl’s book, Badass LEGO Guns. First off, you’ll get the kid playing with LEGOs which anyone knows is a win win situation. The projects range from easy to more complex: crossbow pistols, fully automatic submachine guns, semiautomatic pistols…plenty to keep that little rugrat on his toes. Best of all, with the help of some rubber bands and glue all the finished guns are fully function. Bad Ass indeed. Why would you want your kid shooting stuff all over the house, you might ask? Because sometimes shooting crap is fun, duh.

A couple pages of the Bad Ass Lego Guns book after the Jump, and while you’re at it follow LIAS on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll play LEGOs with you forever…

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