The team over at Porsche Design have engineered a briefbag that’s as clean and simple in design as their iconic 911, featuring an ergonomic efficiency that only the Germans could muster. Designed to provide a location for everything that is necessary while eschewing everything unnecessary, the P´2150 Roadster Briefbag is essentially a briefcase with a pliable material shell (as opposed to a hard case). It even comes with a second removable “meeting” bag should you need to cut some bulk, but still have room for a laptop and notepad. Large outer pockets are implemented for easy access to passports, tickets and travel documents, and an extra third bag is supplied for technical accessories like your mouse, cables and USB ports. Originally created for traveling Porsche Design business consultants, the P´2150 Roadster Lean Briefbag is now available to consumers for $570.

More detail shots of the P´2150 Roadster Lean Briefbag after the Jump…

download cable, mouse, and thumb drive.

an extra bag for technical accessories such as your download cable, mouse, and thumb drive.

do much more than cars, from those clasic ’s latest briefcase consequently cuts anything superfluous resulting in an uncompromising, utilitarian design. No-fuss, pure organization accurately describes the inside whilst the outside shares a similar approach, understated black throughout. The Porsche Design’s P´2150 Roadster

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