For only $190 Maison Martin Margiela has crafted the ultimate Key Chain — surely the most marvelous piece of work the Italians have invented since the Ferrari 250 GT. Since your simple mind probably can’t comprehend a design so intricate, we’ll try to break it down for you: OK, so there’s a ring made of brass that we’ll call a “key chain”, and you string your keys on it. Attached to it via hoop is a bolt with a U ring. Sure, you could go to your local hardware store and purchase the same contraption for under a buck, but it wouldn’t be made of black-silver tone brass, would it? No. And it wouldn’t be Martin Margiela, so it would only be worth a dollar. But this one is made of 100% black-silver tone brass, and it is from the House of Martin Margiela, so therefore it is worth almost $200. What, did we lose you?

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