6 Apr
Austin, Texas trio prepare for May 10th album "E.S.P."

You have to love any band who’s favorite person to take a long train ride would be Uncle Buck and Yoko Ono. And those are two of the three first-ballot ride mates of Austin, Texas’ Love Inks — as they explain in our Q&A below. The trio play simple dream pop, stripped down indie united by the light and playful singing of vocalist Sherry LeBlanc bouncing over minimalist instrumentals of guitar, bass, drum machine and Moog. They’ll be releasing their debut album E.S.P. on May 10 (on Hell, Yes! / City Slang), featuring the quick-to-the-punch lead single “Blackeye” whose video dropped last week. 700 copies of the “Blackeye” single are available on black vinyl, 300 on white vinyl —click here to order. Plus they added new tour dates, two of which go down this weekend in Dallas and Austin. Full tour dates after the Jump below…

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m…
Adam (guitar), Kevin (bass) and Sherry (vox)

I’m usually posted up at…
A: I really like to go walking around the lake
K: My house
S: Friends’ porches, my kitchen or Hotel San Jose.

You might’ve heard of me because…
A: Sensitivity
K: Have you heard of me?
S: Hmmmm… Love Inks?

But why you really should know me is…
K: I had lice in school
S: Love Inks album E.S.P. – comes out in May!

My next order of business is…
A: To inspire children to learn to read

If it wasn’t for _______ I wouldn’t be where I am today.
A: Dedication is the key to success. Without it our dreams would merely crumble to dust.
K: You
S: My parents and Kevin.

If I was taking a train from Paris to Madrid, and I could choose one person to share the cabin with, I’d choose….
K: Uncle Buck or my father in-law (my father in law is John Candy)
S: Yoko Ono or Kevin (sorry Adam)
A: That guy who was working on the iron when Anna fell under the train. Wait, not him. Make it Anna. She’s hot.

Hit the Jump to continue reading our Q&A with Love Inks, plus upcoming spring tour dates…

The first piece of music I heard that I remember waking up my ears was…
K: Raffi
S: The Monkees
A: DJ Shadow’s “Midnight in a Perfect World”

The last piece of music I heard that woke up my ears is…
K: John Lennon
S: Charles Bradley The World (Is Going Up in Flames) and everything Harry Nilsson
A: The new Radiohead song

If you want to put a smile on my face, you probably want to…
K: Be nice
S: Make me a mixtape, please!
A: “Anna, come back to bed. Don’t worry about Vronksy, he’s nothing. HE MEANS NOTHING TO ME!!!!”

If you want to wipe that smile away, then you should…
k: Be mean
S: Talk bad about people I love or debate politics

The last time I saw the sun come up I was…
K: Listening to Harry Nilsson, smoking a cigarette
S: Riding a bus in Chicago with my friend Kimberly… wild night.
A: Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell

The person I admire most is…
K: Phil Collins
S: Yoko Ono
A: Right now I guess Pushkin. He died fighting a duel.

The last time I lied was because…
K: I skipped work to see the movie Machete and got caught
S: I didn’t realize how bad it is.
A: I stole four hundred dollars from the register at my work.

If you hit shuffle on my iPod you might be shocked to find…
K: Gertrude Stein
S: Sooo much R. Kelly
A: Anne Akiko Meyers performance of Brahms Serenade No. 2 in A Major, Op. 16!!!

If you hit shuffle on my iPod I’d be embarrassed if it landed on…
K: Any music that’s my own and I forgot to erase
S: Crew X – Christmas rap… is that embarrassing??
A: Prokofiev Symphony No. 5 in B-flat Major, Op. 100!!!

When I get my first really big check, I’m gonna go score a…
k: big dog
S: A vintage Marantz receiver… sigh.
A: “Money cannot measure nor buy the true delights of our spirit.”  -Abraham Lincoln
S: Adam is making me look like a real jerk right now.

But it’ll never replace…
k: My chihuahua Yuki
S: My records
A: My signed photo of 31st president Herbert Hoover. Fuck you, Lincoln.

My one magic power is…
k: Using Google
S: Positivity
A: Longevity in bed (I sleep a long time!!! Hahahaha!)

I’d like to give a quick shout-out to…
k: My family! especially aunts, uncles, cousins because i have like 90! what’s up cousins!
S: My ladies! (TH,BB,JY,KF,KMc,KB) Word.
A: Scott Shannon!!!!

And lastly, If I was Lost In a Supermarket, you’d find me in the…
k: The magazine aisle, I’ve been there since i was ten and I don’t want to leave
S: Dog aisle, checking out treats & toys for my dog friends
A: Cookies

April 8, 2011: Dallas, Texas at Club Da Da with Real Estate
April 10, 2011: Austin, Texas at the Parish with Real Estate and Pure X
May 13, 2011: Austin, Texas – Record Release Party with Boyfriend (venue TBA)
April 15, 2011: Austin, Texas at Beerland with Soft Healer
May 19, 2011: San Diego, California at Tin Can Alehouse with Ale Mania
June 2, 2011: Brooklyn, New York at Glasslands Gallery

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