4 May
From the 1968 Scandinavian Furniture Fair to today

Originally created by Henrik Thor-Larsen’s in 1968, the OVALIA Egg Chair is one of the more iconic pieces of furniture from the modern era. The Danish Industrial designer and inventor crafted the future-retro chair’s shiny white shell out of glass fibre-reinforced polyester, and then lined the inside of the chair with vividly colored wool and nylon. Originally debuted at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair in 1968, the OVALIA was sold up to 1978 — but is now prepared for its relaunch. Apart from a few improvements, there have been no visible changes to the design — keeping the once futuristic modern classic, well, classic. Each OVALIA Egg Chair has a Sterling silver medallion, signed and numbered by Henrik Thor-Larsen.

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