13 May
8500 diamonds, 300 rubies and two bars of pure white gold

No, that is no exaggeration — the UK’s self-appointed and vapidly named Luxury Beverage Company is crafting a bottle of single malt scotch that will run you a cool $6,200,000. Not that the Isabella Original whisky is that particularly good or extravagant, it’s just that Luxury Beverage Company have encrusted the fine English Crystal decanter it comes in with over 8500 diamonds, 300 rubies and the weight of two bars of pure white gold. The cask strength Islay whisky is also available in a “cheaper” Isabella Special Edition, which will only run you about $740,000 (£450,000) — also featuring diamonds, gold and crystal, just less of it. Both bottles can be refilled with the Islay single malt scotch, but chances are you’re better off refilling it with a real distillery’s rarest expression. There are many fine, distinguished distilleries battling a Cold War battle of opulence over who will make the World’s Most Expensive, but this is the most blatant example of a distillery putting style over substance, which seems incongruous to the entire point of enjoying fine scotch. Of course that probably shouldn’t surprise, considering that Luxury Beverage Company are makers of Ruwa — the most expensive non-alcoholic and Halal beverage in the world. That tasty beverage will only cost you about $5.5 mill. Wonder what that bottle looks like…

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