17 Jun
Only 21 bottles of Chivas Brothers rarest whisky ever to pay tribute to the British Isles' Crown Jewels

What could possibly make a whisky so rare that only one man in the world has had the opportunity to taste it? That ladies and gentlemen would be a whisky that pays homage to the oldest crown jewels of the British Isles, named The Honours of Scotland. The single malt scotch whisky by the Chivas Brothers Master Blender Colin Scott is called the Tribute to Honour and is a beautiful ode to the long and storied Scottish history. The Tribute to Honour have been carefully selected from the Royal Salute Vault at Strathisla and blended by the man with 21 years of expertise in whisky blending. There will only be 21 bottles created of the rare whisky blend and each bottle will be presented in a bejeweled bottle of diamonds and shimmering gold. This marks a historical point in whisky making as the honour is typically left to whiskies that are at least 45 years old. Over 400 flawless white and black diamonds are embellished on the hand cast black porcelain decanter by jeweler Gerrard. The same storied history behind Scotland is featured on the bottle with the jewels forming the shape of the Sword of State, one of the three treasures that encompass The Honours of Scotland. At $200,000 a pop, serious whisky connoisseurs are awaiting their chance to pick up one of the 20 bottles being sold commercially; one will be kept at Chivas Brothers Royal Salute Vault at their distillery. Check out their collection of whisky’s here.

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