7 Jul
Wooster Collective defends the merits of street art on urban living

At the recent TED x Talks this past June in Bloomington, Indiana, the duo behind the highly influential Wooster Collective — Marc and Sara Schiller — discuss the positive effect that street art has on urban centers, whether blighted or not. A hotly contested issue pitting those who find street art offensive graffiti versus those who consider it the artistic voice of the streets, the Schillers are in great position to defend the merits of the increasingly global artistic movement. Titled Gaming The Streets: Uncommissioned Art, the discussion highlights artists that use their nefarious creative talents to beautify cities (such as Space Invader and Joshua Allen Harris), as well as cheeky rabblerousers like Dan Witz and DC Gecko to more subversive adbusters like Jason Eppink and East London’s Decapitator. What the Schillers successfully underscore is the participants in this vibrant community are applying incredibly innovative ways to make the world around us a more vivid, interesting and engaging world. And in a consumption-fueled world that grows increasingly more homogenized, mass-produced and sterilized every day, what could possibly be wrong with that? A very interesting 20-minute discussion well worth your time…

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