24 Aug
Collezione Automobili Lamgorghini for Spring/Summer 2012

This week Lamborghini launched its first carbon fiber bag collection. The high tech, ultra strong and lightweight material is commonly used in the production of bicycles, yachts, surf boards, planes and supercars, but this is the first time carbon fiber has been used in its unstiffened, cloth form to produce fashion accessories. The collection consists of Travel, Messenger and Envelop style bags featuring hand-stitched leather, Palladium-finish galvanized brass accessories, hand-mounted studs and cotton lining. The Travel bag is a truck-style carrier with two handles designed to be utilized as airplane carry-on luggage. The Messenger bag has been designed as a laptop carrier and features adjustable strap and three separate compartments, as well as a zip-up pocket to protect smaller objects inside. Lastly, the Envelop-style bag is perfect for carrying notebooks and has compartments for a wallet, cell phone and writing utensils. The color of each bag is highlighted by the diagonal graphite reflections typical of carbon fiber. The high end bags are part of the Collezione Automobili Lamborghini fashion line for Spring/Summer 2012, a unisex fashion line that also includes rugby polos, bull sweaters, bomber jackets and a number of accessories.

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