13 Dec
Magnesium frame + lithium battery = convenient urban mobility

The Flextronics-built Gocycle G2 is the latest in a line of new electric bikes hitting the market. Released by Karbon Kinetics Limited, the bike features an injection-molded magnesium frame that offers a solid ride on a sleek design. Hidden within the frame is a Lithium battery that takes just 3 1/2 hours to fully charge, at which time the Gocycle G2 has a range of almost 20 miles (32km). The bike also features electronic shifting, torque sensing pedal drive, a smooth German-made motor drive unit and an integrated dashboard display with fuel gauge. As a bonus, the clever design allows the rider to fold up the G2 so they can transport it in the backseat of their car or trunk. And considering the Gocycle weighs under 33 pounds (14.9kg), what you have is a highly mobile, convenient urban transportation option. Make it yours for under $4,000 (€2,999) when it’s released in March 2012. Keep in mind, those in the US may have to pay for shipping charges when the bikes officially go on sale, as retailers are all currently hubbed overseas.

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