2 Dec
70s album cover loveliness from the Brothers Dewaele

I don’t know how this slipped through our greasy, lecherous fingers, but somehow it did. Oh well, at least we were here to catch our own folly. The brothers Dewaele, the mad sampling geniuses behind Soulwax and 2ManyDJs — who many credit with the proliferation of the mash-up — are back with another of their beloved Radio Soulwax mixes. And this one, aptly titled Pin-Ups, takes a very visually erotic slant. Which makes sense, given the overt sexiness of the Belgian brothers’ music — Italo, house, disco… they mix it all into one simmering smorgasbord of hotness. No wonder the girls love their Soulwax. Anyway, press play on the video below and enjoy the music… and if you happen to be male, enjoy the 70s album cover loveliness which David and Stephen Dewaele have graciously provided… over 850 NSFW vinyls of loveliness, that is…

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Pin Ups from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo.

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