Now that Rick Santorum has finally surrendered from the presidential running, the G.O.P. can finally begin settling down from what is surely the most bizarre, unhinged & motley assemblage of political yahoos that have ever run for America’s highest office. From adulterers to rightwing crackpots to people that think corporations are actually human beings (huh?), the onslaught has been like a pre-school cafeteria food fight. Except instead of preschoolers in the fray it’s chimpanzees, and instead of Creamsicles they’re tossing at each other’s heads it’s monkey feces. About the only thing they could agree on is 1) Obama’s like Stalin, only Muslim. And 2) Ronald Reagan is the greatest American that’s ever walked the Earth. In celebration of this Greatest American Hero In the American History of America, Kidrobot is offering this exclusive edition of “The Gipper” — a punked out version of a Ronald Reagan bust originally sculpted by bronze sculptor Brin Berliner. It was Frank Kozik, creator of the Labbit, who has seen to the mutation of this 15″ black and red vinyl sculpture, complete with anarchy lapel pin, safety-pin earring and a removable DESTROY sign — a welcome relief from Reagan’s dinner-table eyes. Besides the brilliant design, the juxtaposition provides a goading companion to sit back and contemplate the stupidity of the future with.

Kozik, first known through the fliers he made for the likes of Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam, is highly influenced by Russian military posters — a nod to brainless propaganda which can be seen here. An avid toy collector himself, Kozik switched to crafting collectible toy pieces from music as the former involved “internal fantasies” while the latter involved “rooms full of people.”

So win this one for the Gipper. For $200, its production is limited to only 50 worldwide and can be picked up exclusively at Kidrobot.

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