In the last 2 weeks we’ve been in four different timezones, heading off last week for a super secret mission to the Arctic Circle (no joke, story coming soon), two days in Germany, back to HQ at the secret Meadows complex under the Venice Pier, and now in New York for the auto show and Infiniti coverage. Thus is why IceLink‘s latest creation has really caught our eye. The Zermatt GMT is a Swiss-made, American owned watch (similar to the Skywatch we covered Tuesday) which features five separate dials showing the exact time in London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai and a fifth adjustable dial for your home timezone (plus seconds dial). For those perpetually on the go living like Clooney in Up In the Air, this timepiece is a godsend. No need to keep toying with your watch at every airport, the timepiece is prepared. Housed in a huge 63x43mm titanium case with 18kt rosé gold coating on the hands, markings and side crowns, the Zermatt GMT (named after that famous sickle-shaped mountain in Heidi in western Switzerland) will be limited to only 396 pieces made. The exclusive timepiece also features an exposed sapphire crystal back which shows the highly precise instrumentation, and a power reserve for up to 2 days without charging. Of course all that innovation will cost you, to the tune of about $44,000.

A look at the exposed sapphire crystal back of the IceLink Zermatt GMT…


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