18 May
The perfect give for the Cretaceous period fan in us all

If you’re looking for a belated Mother’s Day gift this weekend, we may have just the thing. Is your mom by chance a fan of Cretaceous period Tyrannosaurid? She is? Well you’re in luck! Up for bidding this weekend is a nearly complete Tyrannosaurus bataar skeleton (80% of skull & 75% of body intact), with bidding currently set at $875,000 but expected to reach $1,5000,000. The giant carnivore was discovered eight years ago in the Gobi Desert and has since been pristinely restored. As Heritage Auctions writes:

“This is an incredible, complete skeleton, painstakingly excavated and prepared, and mounted in a dramatic, forward-leaning running pose. The quality of preservation is superb, with wonderful bone texture and delightfully mottled grayish bone color. In striking contrast are those deadly teeth, long and frightfully robust, in a warm woody brown color, the fearsome, bristling mouth and monstrous jaws leaving one in no doubt as to how the creature came to rule its food chain. Equally deadly and impressive are the large curving claws, with pronounced blood grooves.”

So there you go. So why don’t you stop being a cheapskate for once and give your mom something she really wants — a 24 foot long museum-quality Cretaceous monster with gigantic teeth and blood groove claws. That or flowers, your call big spender…

A couple more looks at the Tyrannosaurus Bataar skeleton after the Jump…

via Luxury Launches

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