28 Jun
Design firm Lazzarini takes the Italian love one step too far

You may remember a few other car concepts where huge engines are stuffed into tiny cars (Nissan Juke-R, Volkswagen Golf GTI W12 650, Ford Fiesta SHOgun, Renault V6 Clio, etc), but Italian design firm Lazzarini perhaps took the idea one step too far with their Italian-on-Italian lovefest, aptly dubbed the 550 Italia. The vehicle, hypothetically, has the mid-mounted 4.5 liter V8 stripped from a Ferrari 458 Italia and stuffed into the Cinquecento’s tiny body. Understandably, the V8 engine had to be de-tuned from 570 horsepower down to 550 horses as the power threshold is the max a Fiat 500 can handle. How exactly did they shoehorn the huge Ferrari engine into the miniscule Fiat? They removed the back seats and put it under the hatch making the Fiat mid-engined, and then added an intake on the top of the 500’s roof to allow for maximum air flow. The wheels in front and back had to be extended about a foot outward making the compact Fiat considerably more wide-bodied. Like most of Lazzarini’s designs, the Italians added a large spoiler, new defusers, aerodynamic bodykit, revised side skirts and huge fenders, making the car look like a real beast — fitting, given its matching internal heart. Although it’s just a concept, the Fiat 500 Italia can be made into a reality for just $550,000. Why you’d ever want to disgrace the gorgeous sanctity of a Ferrari 458 Italia (which we test-drove HERE, and wept), even considering how much we love the Fiat 500 (which we test-drove HERE, and loved), is beyond us — but If you do happen to invest, let us know, we’d be happy to test drive that as well. We promise, no donuts. Ok, maybe just a couple. Click through the Gallery to see how the 550 Italia would come together and look as a finished product.

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    cool lil whip for those that can comfortably fit in lol

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