24 Jul
From dissing Barbies at Arby's to girls who work at Forever 21

Everyone’s most polarizing white girl rapper is back with the second track off her upcoming debut album Somethin’ About Kreay. On “Go Hard (La La La)” Kreayshawn goes from dissing pseudo-Barbies who work at Arby’s to girls who work at Forever 21 — consider her the broke chick’s Rappin’ 4-Tay. Kreay stormed the gates with last summer’s “Gucci Gucci” mocking label whores, and the court’s out on whether she’ll be able to harness that buzz or will rather disappear into the ethersphere of One Hit Wonderdome. Lord knows a lot of people wanna see young Kreay flop but I dunno, I don’t hate on her that much — so far her tracks have got some great beats, what’s there not to like. No, she’s no silver-tongued lyricist like Azealia Banks but girl’s got X factor. Check out the very Kaws-flavored video below featuring her fellow Oakland-bred White Girl Mob crew…

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