21 Nov
Pelican case, zombie maps, remote-controlled drone & more

Seeing as Call Of Duty: Black Ops II sold a ludicrous half a billion dollars in its first 24 hours (true story), Activision hardly needs to find new ways to promote its franchise game. And yet, of course, it has, assembling an ingenious way to bundle the blockbuster video game: a Care Package like that found in the game itself. Collected in a thick black Pelican-like hard case, the Care Package contains a remote-controlled quadrotor drone, a two-sided SteelBook, the official game soundtrack, props, challenge coins, clever bonus in-game content (eg zombie map) and the game itself. Just in time for Turkey Day, get loaded on Tryptophan, unbuckle your belt, splat on the couch and revel like a stuffed pig in your own Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Care Package for $180.

A detailed look at the Call Of Duty: “Black Ops II” Care Package below…

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