For children of the 1980s, the arcade holds a unique and holy place in our hearts. Oh how many countless hours I spent at New England Grand Prix (RIP), endlessly pumping quarters into Dragon’s Lair, Spy Hunter, Gauntlet, Super Sprint, Cyberball, Crystal Castles, Smash TV, Punch Out, et al like crackheads in the dark, inhaling the un-deodarized stench of youth, old Burger King fries and stale Marlboro Light cigarettes. Oh those were the days. On our monthly half days we’d ride our bikes to Grand Prix, and essentially play video games till our eyes were bloodshot and our wrists burned with carpal tunnel. Now Verge has put together a quick 8-minute documentary called For Amusement Only, following the life and death of the American arcade from Atari and Pong to Dave & Busters. The accompanying article is great too and recommended read, but the short doc makes a good primer…

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