Some dogs have a natural instinct to play fetch and pick shit up right away. It’s not too complicated. All you do is throw a stick (tennis ball, squeaky toy, wallet, whatever) and your furry friend goes after it, delightfully retrieving the slobbering mess for you. However, not all dog owners are lucky enough to get this dutiful response from their dog. Some toss the toy in the air with utmost excitement and all they get back is an awkward puppy-eyed stare. It’s sad but true. Some dog owners just can’t enjoy the magical gift of playing fetch. So what’s next? Well, you can take it to the park and throw a stick toward all directions yonder only to encounter several more awkward staredowns and end up having to  “fetch” it yourself. OR… you can take the next logical step and make sense of your dire situation by creating art. At least that’s what Ontario-based graphic designer Andrew Knapp did with his four-and-a-half year old border collie, Momo. When Knapp discovered that his beloved furry friend did not possess a knack for fetch by undutifully hiding instead of bringing the inanimate object back, he uncovered a marvelous feature of Momo that would forever change the Instagram world. Knapp’s dog is naturally incredibly camouflaged, and it was nearly impossible for him to find Momo in the landscape. Truly inspired, Knapp conceived the idea for a series of urban and rural landscapes with the dog hiding somewhere in the frame. Now, all Instagram users have the opportunity to follow Knapp and engage in a daily (but much cuter) version of “Where’s Waldo?” For more of Knapp’s hide and seek adventures with his (needless to say) adorable brown-eyed pup, follow Andrew Knapp on Instagram or visit GoFindMomo.

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