By now even my mom knows that Dave Grohl is a big talented deal. The guy was in Nirvana and then, you know… So he made a new band called Foo Fighters. By made a new band, I mean he wrote and played and recorded everything himself and yeah that’s a big deal too. Then he was I don’t know bored or just cooler than most people so he played drums in and helped blow up Josh Homme’s Queens of the Stone Age. Also big deal. Toss in the Probot album (DG + Lemmy = awesome) and why not talk about Them Crooked Vultures (DG + QOTSA + Led Zep = WOW!) and yeah OK right we get it Super Dave OzGrohl is the hardest (living) man in show biz. But wait! What else can Dave do better than all of us pathetic losers? Direct a music video (see new Soundgarden) yes, but well it’s just a music video and he has done that for the Foo Fighters (side note: I’ve often wondered, did Grohl at one point want to name the band Food Fighters or Food Fight but got high and listened to Fu Manchu instead? Let’s hope.) So like I was saying a music video is cool , but a full length film, why shit that there requires some big balls that perhaps even David Lee Grohl could not master… but alas, once again he has done it by George, and once again has done it very, very, very well.

So what is it? And why do you care? Here’s the grease: Sound City Movie is a documentary directed by Dave Grohl about the late and great Sound City Studios in Los Angeles. A doc about a recording studio? Pass. Ah but for those not in the know, Sound City is maybe the sleazy, rundown LA equivalent of Abbey Road but under all that shag carpet (on the walls) and cigarette butts lies their Excalibur: the NEVE console (what’s that? see the film) that has been the lifeblood of countless hits (and misses) from a literal who’s who of Rock & Roll (although strangely not The Who). How about a little taste from the list you ask? OK lets start with the band that first launched Sound city — a little band called Fleetwood Mac. Not your bag? How about Rick “Jessie’s Girl” Springfield? Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers? Cheap Trick? 70’s not your thing? Fine how about almost every 80s punk and metal record from Dio to Ratt to FEAR!!!???? Old timer? OK Dean Youngblood, I see your BS and I raise you Nirvana Never(fucking)Mind and Rage Against the Machine! The list goes on and on and on like this story so far, so do yourself a favor and see the darn thing for yourself before I type another word on my old scrimshaw machine. SOUND CITY MOVIE out NOW!

PS: The Sound City Players (Grohl + MEGA Stars of the Film) are now set to tour the world – Do.Not.Miss.

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