1 Apr
Glycerin, antioxidants, amino acids & epidermal growth factor

Moisturizing one’s face isn’t just for vain douchebags and creepy Patrick Batemen clones, it’s pretty much mandatory for all men who care about their appearance. And it’s not really something you want to be cheap with, as thick creams can clog your facial pores and do more harm than good. That’s why it’s key to find a well balanced, affordable and functional facial cream. The “Forever Young” Men’s Moisturizer by Christina is what you’re looking for — their Age-Fighter cream comes with SPF 15 protection to filter out UVA/UVB rays, so it’s perfect to apply first thing in the morning without leaving any residue. The matte-textured cream also contains glycerin to lock in moisture, antioxidants, amino acids as moisturizers and epidermal growth factor to aid in the rejuvenation of epidermis. The Age-Fighter Cream also reverses signs of aging by mimicking young skin’s natural cell rebuilding mechanisms. Get it with the Extra Action Scrub and Fortifying Aftershave Gel as Christina’s “Forever Young” pack, or pick up the Age-Fighter Cream alone for $45.

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