24 May
Shoes for the 2nd best franchise in the history of the NBA

Normally I wouldn’t give anything associated with Kobe any shine (Celtics pride), but seeing as this pair of his signature shoes are dedicated to the greatest place on Earth I’ll have to make an exception. I’m not exactly sure how the Kobe 8 System low-tops represent Venice Beach, but I’ll just have to assume it’s the bright colorway that reflects the old Pavilion graffiti pits. The Engineered Mesh upper pops with yellow, orange, blue and grey while Kobe’s signature appears on the heel. It’s got to be tough on Kobe playing for the second best franchise in the history of the NBA, but maybe when he straps on these “Venice Beach” edition sneakers he gets a little spring in his step. When he recovers from the Achilles injury, of course — which I begrudgingly wish him a 100% recovery. (Just cos I hate him doesn’t mean I want him going out like that.) The Kobe 8 System shoes hit store shelves this Saturday, May 25 for $140.

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